submission guidelines

General Guidelines:

We are looking for writing and art that intertwines the marvelous with the mundane and uses it to convey a message. Tell us about the magic that lives at the dinner table; the creatures that walk alongside us unseen; the power that takes hold of individuals when they fight for what they care about.

Things we will not accept include materials including excessive violence, gore, or sexual assault for a purpose that does not explicitly serve the story. We are looking for messages about the world we live in and societal issues: therefore, we also do not accept works glorifying these issues, such as racism, homophobia, or ableism. It is fine to include these themes where they affect our world, but we will not give a platform to hatred.

In the interest of uplifting new artists and original works, we do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere. Multiple submissions are allowed within the limit of up to two of the accepted formats (ex. one short story and up to three artworks.) You are welcome to submit to us more than once, but please only submit once per reading period. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but we ask you let us know in the email if it is a simultaneous submission, and if your piece has been accepted somewhere else follow up as soon as possible.





We accept flash fiction and short stories in the fiction category. You may submit up to three works of flash fiction less than 1,000 words each or one short story up to 4,000 words total.

You may submit up to three poems within one document ten pages or less.

We accept photography, illustrations and original artworks on a rolling basis. You may submit up to five pieces at once. We may consider your artwork for more than one issue, increasing wait times: we appreciate your patience.

upon publication:

Written materials are to be sent as a Word document, and visual art as .jpeg or .png files. Submitted writing should be in an at least 12-point standard font and double spaced. We don't worry too much about perfect spelling or grammar as long as the message gets across. We judge submissions blind, so please do not include your name in your submitted materials. Do include the word count in your cover letter or submitted materials.

We believe firmly in compensating our creators for their work. However, being a small, independently-owned publication, we can currently only pay $10 US dollars for short stories and $5 for other pieces. We hope to increase this rate as we gain further support.

All publishing rights revert to the author upon publication. We ask that if your piece is subsequently published elsewhere, you credit us for first publication.

submissions ARE CURRENTLY:


We accept submissions from all kinds of writers, but emerging and previously unpublished writers are given special consideration.

All work should be submitted via email to Submissions should be in previously mentioned formats and include word count. Feel free to follow up regarding your submission if you haven't received a response after 90 days; technology and the human mind are both prone to accidents.

Background photo by Francisco de Legarreta C. on Unsplash.