must a poem make sense?

An image of a starry sky, captured in such a way that the stars make up many concentric circles.

do you see her drowning



in the star-inked sky

the way you love her

is the way you lose her

vague lines

written a c r o s s a page

dents in sane premises

your heart tugs

your brain leaves

because meaninglessness is futile

why do you smile in the sunshine?

does the sun love you that much?


An image of Jasmine Kaur, a person with long dark hair tied into a ponytail and glasses. She looks over her shoulder.

Jasmine Kaur (she/her) is a punjabi, queer writer/artist. She likes to surround herself with stories and poetics in any medium, including audio, video, still images and performance. Some of her work has been published by Renard Press, ...ongoing..., streetcake magazine, and Stellium. She’s currently a Masters in Philosophy student at Delhi University. You can find parts of her on the internet at or @trying0000 on Twitter and @jasmineismeltingintosummer on Instagram.