Moss frog

An image of a Vietnamese Mossy Frog, a green and brown frog hidden amongst natural moss.

On my trip to Vietnam I was walking on a dirt path

my black boots, blue poncho, burnt umbrella like toast

the raindrops would cost my eyes & rainbows would jump onto clouds—

feet blistering, I had found an oasis behind a bush to sit next to

I picked black currant berries from the bush & drew faces in the ground

I closed my eyes when I sat against an old tree

I then heard a faint a ribbit so I stood up & searched

after a minute I saw what I thought was an emerald in the water

I snatched it, dripping & warm in my hands—

a moss frog, it had mountains on its back

crystals at the tip of its legs & gold pebbles for eyes

it latched onto my left palm & index finger

the mother long gone— a gem to me.


Dorothy Lune is a Yorta Yorta poet who has been writing poems for 4 years, born in Australia. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Aurora Journal, Don't submit, Open leaf press, Ice lolly review, and more. She started out writing songs, drawing, painting, and writing poems. She found poetry to be the type of writing and medium she loves most and has a debut chapbook entitled Heart planetary coming out in April 2022. Dorothy can be found online @dorothylune.