An image of illuminated liquids on a black background, swirling and creating a colorful, surreal landscape.

When I was young, my love for magic grew,

And yet the feeling never went away,

Found there were those who felt the same, and they

Taught me how ancient magic can be new.

There is power in the little things we do,

In wishes, curses, hopes throughout the day,

There is magic in the things we think and say,

Above all else, I know this to be true.

Many disbelieve the stories they are told,

And their doubt infects me, dissipates my hope,

I can't divine why it has worked before.

They don't know of the potential that they hold,

So like incense, my belief goes up in smoke,

And the one firm truth I held is now unsure.


An image of Jasper Cheriton, a man with glasses smiling into the camera.

Jasper Cheriton (he/him) is a gay trans man from Hertfordshire, England. He enjoys writing fiction about magic realism and LGBT narratives, with a research interest in gender studies, queer theory, and fan studies. His poetry often explores themes of childhood and dreaming, along with his own experiences of life as an Autistic queer person. His poems appear in Brave Voices Magazine and Minnow Literary Magazine, with his personal essay featuring in Trans Kink Zine from Easter Road Press later this year.