In this poem, I have asked to be a prayer.

An image of a drawn body in ink, covered by many circles that take up the rest of the image.

Art by Sandra Moric.

In this poem,

the body asks to be tangible.

In this poem,

the body asks to be over feeling.

In this poem,

the body asks to be moulded into something

familiar and navigable.

The name also

asks to be held separately from the

fear that once mentioned, the body will cease to

be porous.

In this poem,

I have asked to be a prayer

to be granted, and to be a request dancing

on the palms of God.

Beginning today,

I want to be abundant,

a body worthy of sanctification and communion.

That I will be capable of holding the

grief taking shape in your bones,

and complete the murmurs mimicking sorrow on your lips

whenever you ask me to,

or plead.


An image of Naomi Waweru, a person with long black hair looking into the camera and smiling. There is a slight red filter over the left side of the image.

Naomi Waweru (she/her) is inspired by love, vulnerability, the yearning of bodies to be free in their connection and has an eye for tradition and culture. Her writings present an adoration for the body. She portrays it as your first sanctuary. She has works on and forthcoming on Merak magazine, a voice from far away webzine, Ghost Heart Literary Journal, Kalahari Review, Poems for the Start of the World Anthology, Ampleremains, Afroliterary journal, Overheard Magazine, Artmostterrific, drr, Clerestory, Our Name is Amplify, The Wondrous Real Magazine and The African Writers Review. Reach her on Twitter @ndutapoems and Instagram @_ndutapoems.


Sandra Morić is an artist who primarily works with ink on paper. She showcases her art on an Instagram account with 2k followers. When she's not doing art, she is happily doing her day-to-day job as a pharmacist. Other hobbies include reading scientific papers, watching anime and happily being an introverted hermit.