Holiday Special

An image of a sweet potato pie with an uneven crust. A piece has been taken out of it.

Antigone’s Brother is probably dead and I

am spitting up mucus in a pearl-white

bathroom while fighting down a festive

thanksgiving panic attack. Antigone sits

atop the closed toilet seat to my left; she

sways under clawfoot grief and the knowledge

that her sweet potato pie didn’t come out quite right.

Aliens took Antigone’s Brother last week on his way

home from a late-night CVS shift shifting purlescence made

his eyes reflective like an animal and the Aliens

were looking for an animal. They found Antigone’s

Brother. Funny boy—he was supposed to carve the turkey.

I also brought a sweet potato pie. I forgot to check

the group chat before coming. Mine’s from kroger

which is where the Aliens first went for victims, but

they didn’t realize all the turkeys were already dead.

They took a couple anyways. To respect the culture

they also took a deli counter worker who has not been missed

yet, except by her punch in punch out clock she punched

her uncle last year and hasn't been invited back her cutting

skills will be missed but no one will say anything. They

wanted Antigone’s Brother to explain what Humans mean

by the Ontological Question, but he dropped

out of college halfway through Sophomore year

and mostly just listens to NPR podcasts on his walk home

from work which only ever ask questions of why

incision through his heaving open casket chest, right

down to his spine, gutted and conscious and considering

the symptoms of his own probable demise. Intrusive Alien

thought: You could fit some stuffing in there, make a meal. My mucus

globbing up the drain should be studied. I don’t think it’s mine.


An image of Wylde Parsley, a person with glasses and short hair wearing a beanie. They rest their arm on their leg and gaze into the distance.

Wylde Parsley is sometimes a writer and always a cryptid enthusiast. Their work has appeared or is upcoming in Birdcoat Quarterly, New Flash Fiction Review, Vagabond City Lit, Rio Grande Review, Every Day Fiction, and various other publications. He can be found on Twitter at @emjparsley.