An image of sandstone cliffs.

brown is a lysed red praying for haemoglobin. every shuteye

is a rehearsal to the idle eyes that will

soon parade death as a messiah.


I wake up with a journey that itches my feet & I break through

the day to found a boy hustling freedom

in a doorless hall the walls steal his echo

while he watches silence walk past the

hosanna his bones cackle at every victory

that slips off his night-sky like a shooting



his body wears a cloud heavy with rain still he walks around

as a wasteland. I offered to help him gather

his anxiety into a handful of pupa--- a creature

that will soon grow wings & fly away through

this roof wishing to be torn wide open.


I offered to teach him the dialect he will

always love to own thus: boy to kill

boredom you have to learn how to play

wreckage with your body to auction

doldrum you have to remind the world

how old your scars were when Ibini River

first learned how to speak in tongues


to offer grave a hatchet for dinner you

have to learn how to dine with a spade


to win liberty as a jackpot for gambling life trail the

thruway of the following guidelines:

(i)grow out of this body that has refused to wing

just because the ground promised it a safe landing.

(ii)speak of yourself as a castle of owls

(iii)& when the night persuade you to believe that

it will clothe your nakedness remember that

your nudity is already enough garb sheathing your



Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan (he/him) is a keen writer from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He is a penultimate medical student and a Forward Prize nominee who makes poems from everything he can't stammer through speeches. He has works published or forthcoming at The Shore, Journal Nine, Clay Literary, The Lake, IS&T, B'K Mag and several other places. He can be reached out to on Facebook @ Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, on Twitter @wordpottersull1