Early Riser

An image of a small table, a sunny window behind it. On the table are two large orange flowers, and the sunlight from the window illuminates them and creates a rainbow.

Featured photography by Jim Zola.

I’m painting a portrait of “Before,”

because it’s beautiful.

Walking city streets and clutching at fistfuls of air,

which has the freshness of a popsicle

just pulled out of the freezer

Cabs gliding by lazily,

like waiters circling tables

to see who’s looked over their menus

Sidewalks, imminently covered in shoes,

enjoy gazing up greedily

at the entirety of a cloudless sky

The lights of office towers glowing warmer,

savouring a few more seconds of freedom

from brewing coffee-coloured shadows

Stores keeping doors and windows closed

like blankets pulled over their heads

as they sleep in just a little longer

This is the zig-zag dance you make

through the seats of a theatre

that’s hours away from welcoming an audience

The point prior to pouring the

pancake batter that will signal-smell

the beginning of breakfast

The smile of the prospector

who arrives to pan for the gold

ahead of anyone else

An almost giddy opportunity

to trespass streets nicknamed

“Almost,” “Just About” and “Soon.”


Shane Schick has had poetry published in Shrapnel Magazine, Neologism Poetry Journal, Grand Little Things and Fully Lit, among others. He is the founder of 360Magazine.com and provides content marketing services. He lives in Toronto with his wife and three children. More: ShaneSchick.com/poetry. Twitter: @shaneschick.