Author Spotlight: Pat Foran

How does inspiration strike you?

With a vengeance.

For what purpose do you write?

To keep myself in present tense and leaning forward, maybe? To keep believing in possibility?

Is there a certain process you go through while writing?

Not really. I just try to keep open to things and if I feel something, to go with it and stay true to the rhythm(s) I see and feel and hear.

This piece started a while ago as a non sequitur joke-tweet: “…and I’m pretty sure I’ll be ‘live’ tweeting from the JCPenney Christmas Catalog Model Fantasy Camp”. A joke-tweet that kept slinking back to me, in part because it wasn’t completely a joke. With the isolation of the past year helping to reinforce the fleetingness I always feel, competing wishes for a lights-out no-dreams end and wait no impermanence is fine let’s see what’s next if there is a ‘next’ I mean there could be Ho Hos or Jiffy Pop or a heart to love or maybe look after a little kept soft-core fantasies like this piece on life support. I couldn’t shake this one. Or help seeing or hearing or feeling the loop of its rhythms.

Where do you see magic in everyday life?

I see it hear it feel it in everything, especially in things that are not magical.


A former wish book model of dystopian loungewear (no), Pat Foran sucks at Twitter (yes). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Tahoma Literary Review, Cotton Xenomorph, Schuylkill Valley Journal Online and elsewhere. Find him at and on Twitter at @pdforan.