An Elegy

A view of a series of hills and mountains, cut by fog. Evergreen trees can be seen on the hills closest to the viewer.

for Isaiah

the heavens once your haven —

an evergreen against the winter’s white teeth,

your safe space. the mark of grace fixed to your forehead

even in your darkest hour.

still, you consumed doubt

rationed for the weary & fading

the rhetoric of rotted fanatics betraying your impotence —

& each time you wept the earth released its fire.

remember the faith of the saved?

they were no better for it. they, too, looked back

& became salt for god’s tears. this proves that

charming a god’s name in vain will get you killed.

an eye

for an eye.

plunged into the swampy steam of desire —

pounding the earth’s pleasures & its proselytizers

skeptical of their own skin, stifled

by the soot of disbelief. intrigued by their discontent.

patience require but time &


o, fallen one,

there is a land that is fairer than fair. scrape for it

from the smoke of god’s breath at night. cover the flesh wound.

nothing lasts forever.


.chisaraokwu. (she/her) is a first-generation American Igbo poet, actor & healthcare futurist. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals including Obsidian, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Midnight & Indigo, Cider Press Review, & Tinderbox Poetry. Her art explores the intersection of myth, religion, politics and gendered trauma within the "black" femme experience. @chisaraasomugha