our mission


Image of Astro Bock.

We see magic everywhere in the world we inhabit: for as long as humans have existed, we have spun tales of magic within and outside of our world. We like to imagine a marvelous world that parallels our own, that functions within a framework that inherently accepts and integrates the marvelous and magical. Taking notes from magic realism, contemporary fantasy, and surrealism, we lie somewhere on the border between fantasy and reality.

As magic realism and related genres have often been a tool to combat dominant narratives, we wish to follow in the paths forged by others and continue their work. We look to bring magic and mystery into a contemporary social relevance - to uplift marginalized voices, and most of all, illuminate visions of a wondrous world just beyond our own.

Astro Bock is the editor-in-chief and founder of The Wondrous Real Magazine. A dedicated creator, he has one degree in Arts and is pursuing a second one. He believes in the power of art to affect and interpret reality, and is a lifelong reader of anything and everything with words, including street signs.

Pronouns/Salutations: he/him/Mr.

Image of Marta Špoljar.

Marta Špoljar is an Assistant Editor and runs the social media presence for The Wondrous Real Magazine. When not on social media, she is working on her masters thesis, or professionally mediating between English and Croatian.

Pronouns/Salutations: she/her/Mr.

Image of Julian Mackenzie.

Julian Mackenzie is an Assistant Editor for The Wondrous Real Magazine. When they aren't working on their Bachelor's in Writing and Education or coming up with new functions for the letter S, they enjoy seeking out original pieces of art from their peers and baking lavender into everything they can get their hands on.


Pronouns/Salutations: they/he/xe/Mx.

Background photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash.